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Scalp Treatments

If your hair is dry or greasy and you can’t seem to feel clean no matter how much you wash it, the problem may not be with your hair but your scalp. If you have a dry, itchy, or otherwise irritated scalp, Melanins Gold Beauty offers scalp treatments that will help you out. Our signature aloe and peppermint hair and scalp treatment will exfoliate your scalp, refresh your hair follicles, and release natural oils to nourish your hair from root to tip.

Our natural hair products are specially formulated to soothe and refresh your scalp, eliminating dryness, flakiness, and itchiness and leading to clean and healthy hair.When the scalp is thrown out of balance, a host of issues may arise. Fortunately, we offer various conditioning treatments to address the problem. No matter your needs, you can count on us to get you on the right track back to healthy, beautiful, growing hair. Contact us for hair conditioning in Philadelphia, PA, today.

The biggest cause of a dry scalp is a lack of moisture. The skin on your scalp becomes dry and flakes off, which is bad for your hair. Your scalp can also become irritated and dry due to cold weather, a bad reaction to hair products, or dandruff. 

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