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At Melanins Gold Beauty, we specialize in natural hair care, protection, and growth. Healthy hair is our main focus, and we provide a wide range of natural hair products and services to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.


 Scalp Treatments



Pretty sure I’ve officially found my go-to stylist. I’ve been looking for a stylist that actually cares about the health of natural hair. She slayed my Barbie-style ponytail for my birthday, but I absolutely cannot wait to go back to her for some natural hairstyles as well!

-Sierra CG

Service was great, and my hair cut turned out so cute, will definitely book again!


I’ve been around the world and around the country and around this nation in this here USA but this hair stylist is the best I’ve encountered on the planet God is my witness

-Melvin M.

Great customer service! Always have me in and out


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